International Journal of Business and Economics                             

Editor-in-Chief: Kun-Huang Huarng
Associate Editors: Feng-Jyh Lin and Domingo Ribeiro Soriano

Managing Editor: Fang-Yi Lo
Editorial Assistant: Chia-Hung Wang



 ISSN: 1607-0704
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Aims and Scope

International Journal of Business and Economics is a refereed journal established in 2002 (financially supported by Feng Chia University but operated independently by an internationally oriented editorial board) on the premise that there is a growing need to more efficiently register and disseminate scholastic ideas and research results in the academic community without undue delay commonly encountered in the journal editing process. To this end, this journal prefers publication of concise and value-added short articles of no more than 13 printed pages (amounting to 6300 words or approximately 22 pages in manuscripts) while occasionally longer papers such as those contributing to a selective survey of important topics written by well established scholars are also welcomed. Both theoretical and empirical contributions in all fields of economics and quantitative-oriented business (including, but not limited to, finance, insurance, operations research, quantitative management, and accounting), self-contained constructive comments, and even pedagogical notes of high quality are welcomed, while policy debates of general nature are not suitable.  Book reviews of high quality (edited but not refereed) will be published occasionally.  An initial editorial decision is expected within five months upon receipt of manuscripts. Only a single round of revisions (expected to be completed within six weeks) will take place. The overall length of time between receiving and accepting a manuscript will be approximately eight months on average.

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his journal is rated "B" in a recent ranking made by the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC)(http://www.abdc.edu.au/pages/abdc-journal-quality-list-2013.html)

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